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Ask an Alumni

The ACCELERATE Alumni are your best resource for preparing a strong application. They understand the programme, and are keen to provide you with their personal insight and advice. You can read over all of the Alumni ACCELERATE stories by following the link at the bottom of this page.

This year, the following Alumni have put up their hand to help out with the application process:

Kimberley Moulton Ronald Bradfield Jnr
E:    E:
M: 0438 429 931   M: 0428 226 212

** Make sure you get in touch early, so they have ample time to respond.

Research the UK

As part of the application you will need to identify two organisations / individuals that you would like to meet in the UK. You do not need to make contact with these organisations, but it’s important that you have a clear understanding of who you want to meet, and what impact meeting them will have on both your career and development as a leader. It’s not simply enough to list these details, but try to articulate what specifically interests you about the individual/organisation and what you would hope to learn from them.

Keep in mind the UK includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Download the Useful Links document below, which you might find useful in your research of relevant arts bodies and individuals in the UK. 

Speaking with people about your application and their knowledge of the UK is also a good way to gather information and ideas:

  • Speak with Alumni, and look at what the various organisations they visited in the UK at
  • Speak with ACCELERATE partners including ATSIAB at Australia Council and your State Funding body
  • Speak with Tahli ( at British Council
  • Speak with friends and colleagues about their understanding of the state of the arts in the UK and companies they might think would be appropriate 

Application Tips

  • Use dot points. You need to answer each question within 250 words, so it’s important to get your message across clearly and concisely. Use dot points if they’re helpful.
  • Be honest. Being able to articulate your strengths and weaknesses as a leader will help us to understand why you need this opportunity.
  • Aim high. Both in your vision for the next 5 years, and in your hopes for the UK programme. Try to find a way that the UK programme will support and build your vision.
  • Don’t forget to attach you 500-word biography, a recent headshot and your support material. 

What are the selection criteria?

Both the written application and the interview will be assessed on the following selection criteria: 

  • LEADERSHIP - understanding of leadership, reflection and analysis of your own leadership experience. (Q1 & Q2)
  • VISION – clarity of vision for your development in short to mid-term, and your capacity to achieve it. (Q3) 
  • COMMUNITY – articulation of your leadership role within your community / sector and your vision for the development of this role. (Q4)
  • DEVELOPMENT – practical understanding of how you need to grow your leadership skills, and the importance of a UK experience in relation to this growth. (Q5a & Q5b)
  • TIMELINESS – articulation of how this opportunity will further your vision, and the importance of the opportunity at this point in your career? (Q6)

Do I need to supply a Confirmation of Indigenous Identity letter?

While we do not require a Confirmation of Indigenous Identity letter at this point in the application, successful applicants will be required to provide it once they have been notified.

ACCELERATE is a programme designed and managed specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Australian Indigenaity is a genuine qualification for this opportunity and is authorised by Section 14 of the Anti-Discrimination Act, 1977.


The British Council Australia definition of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander is a person of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent who identifies as an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, and is accepted as such by the community in which he or she lives.

Questions about the UK Programme?

Once you have been selected for the programme, we will spend some time with you going through the expectations of the UK and answering your questions in detail. In the meantime, here is some broad info about the UK trip.

YOUR ITINERARY will be developed in association with our UK Leadership Expert Nicola Turner. We have good relationships with many organisations in the UK who are experienced in hosting professional placements and are keen to support ACCELERATE. We won’t be able to accommodate all requests but we’ll make sure that there’s a good match between your aspirations and the organisation that hosts you.


TRAVEL if selected, you will travel with the other four 2014 recipients as well as a British Council Australia staff member, so you must be available to travel from 14 November – 6 December.


The time spent in the UK is extremely busy and can be quite intense, therefore we do not encourage family or friends to travel with you. Should you require the assistance of a support person or carer, please contact us to discuss this in more detail.

What are the creative industries?

The term ‘creative industries’ refers to any practice or organisation that has its roots in culture and creativity, that places value on expression, and enlarges cultural meaning and understanding. 

Our Alumni include Architects, Musicians, Curators, Festival and Artistic Directors, Choreographers, Storytellers, Photographers, Visual Artists, Performing Artists, Playwrights and Arts Managers. We also encourage applicants involved in design, craft, fashion, film, television, radio, publishing and new media. 


If you’re not sure if what you do is considered part of the creative industries, send an email to

I am having troubles emailing though my support material. Can I submit my material another way?

Applicants should note that all British Council email accounts are only able to accept messages of 8MB or under. If you are experiencing difficulty emailing your support material to us, please upload your material to a file-sharing service such as Hightail and send the share link to us


Please be sure to identify your files by including your full name in the file name. 

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