Juno Dawson Press Shot
Juno Dawson

We are thrilled to be supporting Juno Dawson to take part in the 2018 Melbourne Writers' Festival.

Juno Dawson is the award-winning author of 11 books. Dawson grew up in West Yorkshire, writing imaginary episodes of Doctor Who. She is a regular contributor to AttitudeGlamourand The Guardian.

Melbourne Writers' Festival takes place from 24 August - 2 September 2018. 

Juno Dawson: Teenage Fanclub

Date/Time: 11.30am, 25 August

Location: ACMI Cinema 1

Description: ‘Teenagers’, noted award-winning YA author Juno Dawson, ‘have seen things that would make milk curdle.’ The UK writer hasn’t shied away from broaching big topics with younger readers. Sexuality, gender, mental health and the power of writing: she talks with pop icon Brendan Maclean.


Juno Dawson AMA

Date/Time: 11.00am, 26 August

Location: Signal

Description: Find out all you ever wanted to know about writing YA, gender and learning about mental health with British YA sensation and trans activist Juno Dawson

Anxiety: How to Deal

Date/Time: 11.15am, 29 August

Location: Deakin Edge, Fed Square

Description: Anxiety is on the rise – one in 14 Australians under 18 has experienced an anxiety disorder – but techniques for how to deal with it are not. Can writing help? YA superstar Juno Dawson and wellness expert Jerome Doraisamy share tips for how to deal. With Leena van Deventer.

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