Listen to our Vivid Ideas panel discussion Future Sydney: global innovation for building inclusive cities, looking at innovative and inclusive work from around the world.

Cities now play a powerful and influential role on the global stage as powerhouses for trade and growth. The development of cities is important to the work of the British Council, and our organisation works in over 500 cities across the world. It is important that we find ways to help cities connect, to share learning, share their knowledge, and share solutions to urban challenges.

The Panel - David Beaumont, Lucinda Hartley, Dr Michael Cohen, Joanne Kee and Tim Williams - looked at big picture ideas tackling questions around meaningful engagement with place and story, and how we ensure our growing city is inclusive for all.

Vivid Ideas Panel

About the Panel

David Beaumont

David Beaumont is a proud Wiradjuri man (Central West NSW), born and raised in Sydney, Gadigal Country. David is the Senior Community Engagement Coordinator (Aboriginal Community Development) at the City of Sydney, and in his role has redefined a new narrative at the City of Sydney that underpins and guides the vision for the new direction on Indigenous strategies, it’s plans and policies. The new narrative celebrates a living cultures achievements and contributions drawing from the past to paint a picture of the future. The narrative underpins the City’s main strategies including the Eora Journey and Reconciliation Action Plan and flows into all other areas of work at the City.

Dr Michael Cohen

Michael has over 25 years’ experience in the development and implementation of creative strategy in Australia and abroad in his roles as strategist, arts producer and practitioner. He is a highly accomplished developer of innovative, creative and compelling activation content in urban landscapes.  Michael’s extensive experience in place activation and culture-led placemaking has involved diverse urban arts activities in Australia’s leading destinations – working with partners, stakeholders and government. He works collaboratively with key stakeholders to develop world-class creative landscapes that delight and inspire, and attract global attention.

Lucinda Hartley 

Lucinda Hartley is an urban designer, social entrepreneur and one of Australia’s leading voices on social innovation. Named by The Age Newspaper as one of Melbourne's 'Top 100' most influential people, she has spent the past decade pioneering new approaches to shaping human centered cities. She is co-founder and chief innovation officer of Neighbourlytics, a social data analytics platform for Neighbourhoods. Lucinda is redefining how we measure city performance with data-driven metrics to understand the social life of places.

Joanne Kee

Joanne Kee is the Executive Producer of Riverside’s National Theatre of Parramatta (NTofP). As one of the leading professional performance based organisations in Western Sydney, Riverside has been at the core of presenting work and being a hub for communities over the past 30 years. NTofP, an arm of Riverside, delivered its first program in 2016 and since then has been creating, commissioning and presenting new work, building, supporting and nurturing creative communities who reflect contemporary Australia, hence our tagline – Putting the Nation on Stage.  A core philosophy of the company is being inclusive and being open to ideas and different methods of creativity.

Tim Williams

Having been a special advisor on housing, urban regeneration and planning to five successive senior UK ministers, Tim is now recognised as one of the world’s leading urban renewal thinkers and practitioners. Tim is a graduate of Cambridge, has a PGCE from Oxford, a Ph.D from Wales and was called to the Bar by the Inner temple. Since coming to Australia in 2010 Tim has quickly become one of the country’s leading city thinkers and has shaped Sydney as the former CEO of the Committee for Sydney as well as in his role as Cities Leader for Australasia at Arup.