Seeta Patel - Not Today’s Yesterday

Acclaimed classical Indian dancer Seeta Patel, who has toured as a performer with DV8 Physical Theatre, Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company and Mavin Khoo amongst others, joins forces with Australian choreographer Lina Limosnai and Polish born visual dramaturg Dagmara Gieysztor in this poignant work. 'Not Today's Yesterday' combines Seeta’s expressive Bharatanatyam skills with Lina’s theatrical physicality.

Not Today’s Yesterday looks at how power is wielded by the whitewashing of history and through a blend of classical Indian dance, contemporary dance and design this work is a one – woman show dealing with cultural identity versus perceived identity, exploring notions of how ‘pretty’ and ‘suitable’ rhetorical stories are blurring and clouding our perceptions of the past.

 'Not Today's Yesterday' was showcased at Holden Street Theatres as part of the 2017 Adelaide Fringe Festival.

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