Yolanda Mercy.

The British Council is proud to support award-winning British Nigerian writer and performer Yolanda Mercy’s visit to Australia for a series of workshops with the Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP). Yolanda’s work with ATYP is made possible through the British Council’s Connections Through Culture programme.  

Yolanda's exceptional talent has been recognised through numerous accolades, including nominations for prestigious awards such as BAFTA, WGGB, and Broadcast Award. She is also the recipient of the Edinburgh TV festival/New Voices Award for "Debut TV Writer." 

Yolanda’s artistic journey began in theatre and has since expanded to encompass TV, film, and audio, showcasing her versatility and creativity across various mediums. With a deep passion for storytelling and community engagement, Yolanda actively contributes to the creative landscape by leading workshops, providing mentorship, and participating in advisory boards to support emerging talents in the industry. 

In a continued collaboration with ATYP entitled TAKING UP SPACE, Yolanda will explore creating work that amplifies the voices and representation of young people who identify as Plus Size. Following an initial fellowship at ATYP in 2023, Yolanda will work with young people to create a celebratory piece which fuses music, dance and theatre to welcome plus size bodies taking up space.   

Yolanda’s workshops with ATYP are designed to empower aspiring creatives and artists, offering unique opportunities for skill development and creative exploration. The workshops include: 

Writing from Self: Explore the process of creating work that is deeply personal and authentic, incorporating writing exercises and integrating different creative practices like movement and text. 

Creating Work for and about the Body: Dive into the intersection of movement and text to develop work that celebrates the body and promotes inclusivity in creative spaces. 

From Idea to Stage: Learn the essential steps involved in creating new work, refining ideas, and preparing them for the stage in a fast-paced and informative session suitable for all aspiring creators. 

Generating Ideas: Unleash your creativity by exploring bold and exciting ways to generate new ideas through writing, movement, and music-inspired exercises, providing a platform to kickstart your creative journey. 

Testing Lab: Engage in an open lab environment where artists can test out their ideas in front of peers, receiving valuable feedback and support to enhance their plays or projects. 

Join us in celebrating the artistry and innovation of Yolanda Mercy as she leads these transformative workshops, inspiring and empowering the next generation of creative talents. The British Council is proud to support initiatives that foster creativity, collaboration, and artistic excellence in the global creative community. 

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