The Calling In Of The Silent Codes by Satch Hoyt 

British Council Australia is proud to support two British Artists exhibiting in the 2024 Biennale of Sydney. 

Satch Hoyt and Lawrence Lek both have works exhibited at White Bay Power Station, which was recently reopened as an arts, cultural and community hub. The 24th Biennale of Sydney, entitled Ten Thousand Suns, displays the power of art at six Sydney locations from 9 March – 10 June. The Biennale again showcases the visionary creations of leading artists from diverse global backgrounds across a range of Sydney's cultural institutions.  

Hoyt and Lawrence are supported as part of the British Council’s Culture Connects programme, part of which enables artists to present their work to new audiences, breaking down barriers and influencing perceptions of different art genres across different spaces.  

About Satch Hoyt  

Satch Hoyt is a spiritualist, a believer in ritual and retention. Of Jamaican-British descent, Hoyt was born in London and currently lives in Berlin. A visual artist and musician, his diverse and multifaceted body of work – whether sculpture, sound installation, painting, musical performance, or musical recording – is united in its investigation of the “Eternal Afro-Sonic Signifier” and its movement across and amid the cultures, peoples, places, and times of the African diaspora. Those four evocative words (a term coined by Hoyt) refer to the “mnemonic network of sound” that was enslaved Africans’ “sole companion during the forced migration of the Middle Passage.  

About Lawrence Lek 

Lawrence Lek 陆明龙 is a filmmaker, musician, and artist who unifies diverse practices—architecture, gaming, video, music and fiction—into a continuously expanding cinematic universe. Over the last decade, Lek has incorporated vernacular media of his generation, such as video games and computer-generated animation, into site-specific installations and digital environments which he describes as ‘three-dimensional collages of found objects and situations.’ Often featuring interlocking narratives and the recurring figure of the wanderer, his work explores the myth of technological progress in an age of artificial intelligence and social change. 

For more information about the Sydney Biennale please visit Ten Thousand Suns - Biennale of Sydney  

Satch Hoyt photo by Dale Grant.
Lawrence Lek photo by Ilyes Griyeb.
Nepanthe (Summer Palace Ruins) Video Game Still by Lawrence Lek