Vicki Amedume at Sydney Festival ©

Sydney Festival

Acclaimed founder and artistic director of the UK’s Upswing, Vicki Amedume, is heading to the Sydney Festival in 2019.

Vicki Amedume leads one of the UK's leading contemporary circus companies, and will be speaking at Parramatta's Riverside Theatre in January for Talking Circus: Through Different Lenses.  

Circus is a flexible and inclusive artform that is continually developing, adapting to different influences from all over the world. This free talk will look at the diverse cultures shape contemporary circus, bringing together Vicki Amedume with international artists from Shànghǎi MiMi and Mallakhambindia.

More about Upswing

Upswing is one of the UK’s leading contemporary circus companies, making performances and participatory experiences that connect people in unexpected ways.

Upswing was founded in 2006 by Vicki Amedume to bring a new perspective to contemporary circus. Twelve years on, Vicki, now a Clore Fellow, continues to be the only female, black artistic director in the sector and to be at the forefront of its development. Upswing meets a pressing need to bring new artists and experiences to the stage that reflect a dynamic, modern Britain

Sydney Festival 2019

Sydney Festival 2019 is a diverse program of the highest quality theatre, dance, music, cabaret, circus and art from around the world.

Make sure you catch the brilliant performers and works at the festival, including UK cabaret sensation Le Gateau Chocolat or the internationally renowned HELIOSPHERE from UK trapeze company The Dream Engine.