Installers working on Acts of Kindness, Martin Place, Sydney, 2011; Photo: Paul Green ©

Kaldor Public Art Project 24: Michael Landy

2019 marks 50 years of groundbreaking projects by Kaldor Public Art Projects. We’re proud to be supporting British artist Michael Landy in 2019 for Kaldor's celebration of half a century in the public eye.

The anniversary year will be marked by a dynamic program of events, a major artist project, and an ambitious exhibition in collaboration with the Art Gallery of New South Wales, created by Landy, from 6 September 2019 — 16 February 2020.

The British Council has supported many UK artists as a part of Kaldor Public Art Projects. Back in 2011, the British Council supported Landy and Kaldor for his work Acts of Kindness. Landy created a 13-metre installation in lower Martin Place, mapping the Sydney CBD and 200 stories of kindness throughout the city.

See Half a Century in the Public Eye exhibition
6 September 2019 — 16 February 2020

See Michael Landy in conversation

  • CityTalks: Making Art Public
    Tuesday 10 September, 6:30pm
    Sydney Town Hall
  • Art After Hours
    Wednesday, 11 September, 6:30pm
    Art Gallery of New South Wales