INTERSECT was a British Council and Diversity Arts Australia led knowledge exchange. The programme aimed to strengthen international connections between those who are changing whose work is seen, what is seen, how it is seen and who sees it.

The UK and Australia are both multi-ethnic societies with an under-representation of artists and creative practitioners from culturally diverse and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds. 

The programme aimed to:

  • increase access and opportunities to artists, producers and arts decision makers from diverse backgrounds* through creative exchanges;
  • provide resources and opportunities for artists, policy makers and creative leaders; and
  • support British artists from minority ethnic backgrounds touring their work in Australia. 


INTERSECT included three key components: 

  1. Knowledge exchange and peer mentoring for UK or Australian based curators, programmers, producers, publishers or artistic directors who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander or being from a culturally and linguistically diverse or minority ethnic background* to travel between the UK and Australia to share experiences and best practice with their peers.
  2. A digital online resource for arts practitioners and organisations with research and case studies made publicly available. This platform will share knowledge and leading practice. Partner research organisations include the Institute of Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship, Goldsmiths, University of London, Western Sydney University and Diversity Arts Australia. 
  3. A touring platform that supports British artists from minority ethnic backgrounds touring their work in Australia. 


For the purposes of this programme we will use the terminology Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, culturally and linguistically diverse and minority ethnic. We understand and acknowledge that many people choose to self-identify differently.

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