Yrsa Daley-Ward and Angela Saini

We are thrilled to have supported Angela Saini and Yrsa Daley-Ward to take part in the Sydney Writers Festival in May 2018. 

Angela Saini is a British writer and science journalist, who presents science programmes on BBC Radio 4 and the World Service. She has a Masters in Engineering from Oxford University, and a second Masters in Science and Security from the Department of War Studies at King’s College London. Between 2012 and 2013 she was a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US. Her second book, Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong - and the New Research That's Rewriting the Story, takes readers on a journey to uncover science’s failure to understand women, she finds that we’re still living with the legacy of an establishment that’s just beginning to recover from centuries of entrenched exclusion and prejudice. Her writing has appeared in The Guardian, Observer, The Times, Prospect, New Scientist, Wallpaper, Vogue, Marie Claire, Science, and the Economist among others. She has won a number of national and international journalism awards. Her first book, Geek Nation: How Indian Science is Taking Over the World, was published in 2011 and became a bestseller in India.

Angela Saini spoke to writer, presenter and commentator, Jamila Rizvi about her book Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong and took part in the panel discussion, Women in Tech: Okay Ladies, Now Let's Get Information.

Yrsa Daley-Ward is a writer, LGBTQI activist and poet of West Indian and West African heritage. Born to a Jamaican mother and a Nigerian father, Yrsa was raised by her devout Seventh Day Adventist grandparents in the small town of Chorley in the North of England. She initially self-published her debut poetry collection bone in 2014. bone is a poignant collection of poems about the heart, life, and the inner self, examining the alchemy between mind and body, with subjects ranging from hunger, trauma, desire, race and sexuality. Her next book is called The Terrible.

Yrsa Daley-Ward spoke to award winning writer and performer, Candy Royalle about her debut poetry collection bone. She also participated in live poetry readings, The Big Bent Poetry Reading and Poetry in Motion and the panel discussion, Gay For Page. 


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