Loop.pH at Sydney Design Festval ©


We’re proud to be supporting UK-based Loop.pH co-founder Rachel Wingfield at the Sydney Design Festival in 2019.

Celebrate International Women’s Day with a keynote lecture by UK-based Loop.pH co-founder Rachel Wingfield and gain insight into an exciting experimental and multi-disciplinary design practice.

Sydney Design Festival 

The Festival provides visitors with an opportunity to unpack design in all its forms – to understand and explore the processes, functions and narratives within design enterprise and to be inspired by the exhibitions and people involved in creating our futures.

The 2019 theme – ACCESSING DESIGN – seeks to promote responsive design that gives voice to diverse Sydney communities, and asks designers to broaden the definition of design and expand the dialogue between creative practice, access, and inclusivity. 


  • Sydney Design Festival
    1 to 10 March 2019
  • Keynote lecture with Loop.pH co-founder Rachel Wingfield
    Friday 8 March, 6pm-8pm
  • Collaborative workshop with Loop.pH co-founder Rachel Wingfield
    Sunday 10 March

Powerhouse Museum, Sydney
500 Harris St, Ultimo NSW 2007, Australia

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About Loop.pH

Founded by Mathias Gmachl and Rachel Wingfield, Loop.pH create visionary experiences and environments that allow people to dream and re-imagine new visions for our future. Through exploring the role of art and design in public space by working outside of the gallery, museum and laboratory, they speculate on near and far future scenarios as a way to probe at the social and environmental impact of emerging biological and technological futures. The environments that Loop p.H create often synthesise living materials with digital tools, whilst exploring a new role for designers working at an urban scale.

About Rachel Wingfield

Rachel is a designer, researcher, and educator who founded Loop.pH in 2003. Rachel trained at the Royal College of Art in London and specialised in responsive environments inspired by the study of living systems.

Rachel speculates on near and far future scenarios that explore emerging biological and technological futures by crafting space, technology, and living materials into visionary experiences and environments. Her work explores a new role for designers to intervene at an urban scale and develop collaborative tools for public engagement initiatives and multidisciplinary practices.