See who our partners are.

The Lien Foundation


The Lien Foundation is a philanthropic organisation based in Singapore. The Lien Foundation values institutional capacity building and is inspired by innovation, collaboration and new solutions. The Foundation’s key areas of focus are early childhood education, eldercare and environmental sustainability in water and sanitation.


Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM]


The Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM] is a platform for sharing computer- and IT-based media technology. YCAM hosts a variety of performances, exhibitions, screenings, events, workshops and lectures. YCAM’s ‘InterLab’ comprises a group of experts in adapting the latest in media technologies to creative endeavours. YCAM InterLab collaborates with visiting artists and outside engineers, as well as other cultural facilities and research institutions.


BT Global Services


BT Global Services is a networked IT Services business that operates globally and delivers locally to help its customers succeed BT Australasia has a unique breadth of scope, reach and capability, bringing together communications and networked IT products and services securely and efficiently. 


Bandung Creative City Forum (BCCF)


Bandung Creative City Forum (BCCF) is a hub for creative communities in Bandung. Since 2008, BCCF has conducted more than 250 programmes responding to urban issues, such as public space, heritage sites and creative education. BCCF runs on four main programmes: Helarfest, Kampung Kreatif, Simpul Institute, and DesignAction.bdg

Google Creative Lab


The Creative Lab is a loose team of creators, developers and film-makers around the world who examine the technology that surrounds us and explore the potential of digital tools. Our mission is "to remind the world what it is that they love about Google”.

Institute for Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship (ICCE)


ICCE delivers enterprise, cultural management and policy education to the creative and cultural sectors, and supports research in to new approaches to business and management in the Creative Economy. It delivers a range of academic programmes and presents activities to promote an environment in which creative and cultural entrepreneurship can flourish.


Renegade Collective


The Collective is a monthly magazine that brings together entrepreneurial and creative minds from across the globe. True to the name, The Collective is a collection of game-changers, rule-breakers, thought-leaders and style-makers with a common appetite for challenging the status quo. In more than 30 countries worldwide, The Collective is a universal movement.