Applications are now open. All applications must be submitted by Sunday 26 May 2019 23.59 (UK Greenwich Mean Time). 

About the application process

It will take you approximately one hour to complete your online application. Applicants may choose to submit a written, audio or video application. 

Included in the online application is a series of simple general personal information questions, so we can confirm you meet the criteria and so that we will be able to contact you. There are six main questions that will require you to think about your vision for change. We recommend that you work on your responses to these questions offline before making your application.

  1. Please provide an overview of your practice and why you think participating in INTERSECT would be beneficial to you at this point in your career? (No more than 500 words)
    We are looking for people who have a clear vision, ability to make change and have demonstrated leadership by making something happen. You can use examples from your personal or professional experience.
  2. Tell us about one major change you would like to see over the next five years. How will this impact Australia, the UK or both? (100 - 350 words)
    Please clearly identify the need as well as the change you would like to see. Describe the impact that change would have in society and / or the arts sector. 
  3. How would you use your current role or influencing to achieve this change? (100 - 350 words)
    Please demonstrate your understanding of how change can happen and how you would be personally involved in making or influencing change. What evidence, resources, contacts and other things would you need to make it happen? 
  4. How could this opportunity help you to do this? (100 - 350 words)
  5. How would you share what you learn from this programme with others if your application was successful? (100 - 300 words)
  6. Are there any companies or individuals in the country that you will be visiting that could be key to helping you achieve this change, and how? (100 - 350 words)

We will be looking for applications that demonstrate that, at this particular moment, peer to peer mentorship and networks cross country will: 

(a) further the career of the recipient 

(b) facilitate sharing of knowledge and best practice between the UK and AU and

(c) lead to increased opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse and Minority Ethnic artists and arts professionals. 

This may be part of an ongoing international strategy, or, equally, might represent a first and important foray into establishing international networks to support your vision.

Applicants will be required to submit a one-page reference from someone they have worked with in the past 3 years in a professional capacity.

Applications to the INTERSECT programme are reviewed by an Advisory Panel made up of external members of the arts and cultural sector and representatives of the project partners.