If your child needs to sit an entrance exam to gain admission into a UK school, we can administer the entrance exams in Australia. We also administer exams for UKiset.

Entrance exams for UK schools and UKiset

If your child is planning to study in a UK school, the entrance exams will be his/her first UK educational experience. At the British Council in Australia, we offer exams for a wide range of UK schools and institutions. 

We also provide invigilation services for UKiset. Please contact UKiset directly for all bookings.

How to register

  1. Make sure you have all the relevant information regarding your examination at hand ie date, time, duration, name of paper, contact name and details at the testing institute
  2. Ask your Testing Institute to complete and email the ‘Testing Institute Student Confirmation Booking Form’ (see the downloads section below) to: exam@britishcouncil.org.au
  3. Complete the 'Examination Request Form' (see the downloads section below) and submit to: exam@britishcouncil.org.au

Once we receive your request AND the completed ‘Testing Institute Student Confirmation Booking Form’, we will email through an invoice.

Once payment has been received your booking will be confirmed and further details regarding your examination will be sent to you via email. 

How much does it cost?

Our exam fees cover venue hire, invigilation charges, secure storage of question papers and scripts.

Each exam session lasts no more than three hours; candidates can sit more than one paper in an exam session. If the exam duration is more than three hours, it will be counted as two exam sessions. 

  Exam fee Courier charge
First exam session AU$ 320 AU $60
Each additional exam session AU$ 320 AU $60

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