Vanessa Pirotta with the winner and joint runner up in Cheltenham
Vanessa Pirotta (joint runner up), Siti Khayriyyah Binti Mohd Hanafiah (winner), Veli Vural Uslu (joint runner up) ©

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Vanessa Pirotta from Macquarie University won over the FameLab international judges at Cheltenham Science Festival with her three minute presentation on 'Using Drones to Collect Whale Snot'. She said 'FameLab international was an excellent experience and I'm overwhelmed to be recieving the runner-up award'. 

Vanessa joined colleagues from Romania, Hungary, Switzerland, Bangladesh, Portugal, Germany, Qatar, Cyprus, Malaysia and the UK.

Veli Vural Uslu from Germany was announced the other runner-up and the grand prize went to Siti Khayriyyah Binti Mohd Hanafiah from Malaysia.

This is the second year in a row that Australia has been named Runner-Up, following the 2017 success of Dr Nural Cokcetin. Here’s to Australian women in STEM! 

Learn more about Vanessa's research here

Since its birth at the Festival in 2005, FameLab has grown into the world’s leading science communication competition. A partnership with the British Council since 2007 has seen the competition go global with more than 10,000 young scientists and engineers participating to date. 

Vanessa Pirotta runner up at FameLab International

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