The rules

At each of the finals:

  • You will present your three minute talk to the FameLab judges.
  • The judges will ask questions after each presentation and will also give feedback where possible.
  • PowerPoint is not allowed.
  • Props are permitted but are limited to what you can carry on stage. There is no time for set up once on stage.

The semi-finals

The semi-finals are held on set dates in different states around Australia. In 2019, they will be held on the dates below. You can select which one you want to attend when you apply. 

  • Semi-final 1: Brisbane, QLD - Wednesday 20 March 2019
  • Semi-final 2: Melbourne, VIC - Wednesday 27 March 2019
  • Semi-final 3: Sydney, NSW - Wednesday 10 April 2019
  • Semi-final 4: Fremantle, WA - Wednesday 17 April 2019

At the semi-finals, you will receive training in media, presentation and communication skills and you will then present your three minute talk to a panel of judges.

After the semi-final presentations, the winner, runner-up and 'people's choice' recipient will be announced. Successful candidates will be invited to go through to the national final.

The national final

If you are chosen as a FameLab Australia national finalist, we’ll invite you to travel to Perth, WA*, where you’ll join the other national finalists for a workshop in presentation and media training with our UK-based International FameLab trainer.

The FameLab Australia national final event is a fun and compelling evening in which the FameLab national finalists get a chance to perform their science in front of an audience of luminaries from the science, business, arts and media communities, as well as supportive family and friends. Your presentation can be on the same topic as your semi-final presentation, but must be demonstrably different from the first presentation. 

Again, a panel of judges (featuring some high-profile names, which we’ll let you know about in due course!), will assess the presentations and will select one lucky participant as the 2019 FameLab Australia winner.

In 2019, the FameLab national final will be held in early May in Western Australia. 

* All flights, accommodation and meals will be covered by FameLab. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more details.

The international final

The FameLab Australia winner will be invited to participate at the international FameLab International final at the Cheltenham Science Festival in the UK* where they will perform their presentation to compete against other national finalists from around the world.

The International final will be held in early June 2019.

* All flights, accommodation and meals will be covered by FameLab. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more details.