Roald Dahl's City of the Unexpected

Roald Dahl: City of the Unexpected is a two-day city-wide event taking place in Cardiff, Wales, on 17-18 September 2016.

Born on 13 September 1916, one of Wales' foremost storytellers, Roald Dahl, captured the imagination of children around the world with his outlandish tales.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth, Wales' capital city will be taken over by a city-wide celebration of Roald Dahl and transformed into a place where the laws of physics and civic predictability give way to the laws of magic, mischief and the unexpected.

We're delighted to be supporting 2014 ACCELERATE alumni and Creative Director of Melbourne Indigenous Arts Festival Jacob Boehme to experience the City of the Unexpected first-hand and to take part in a special programme of activities designed by the British Council in Wales. The programme will involve producers, cultural organizations and curators from around the world. As well as having the opportunity to take part in the exciting city-wide event, which showcases the best of Welsh and UK performing arts, delegates will collectively explore and learn how to create and deliver large-scale, city-wide events.

The programme will include two days of performances, networking meetings and expert consultations, and will culminate on the third day with an ‘open space’ workshop that will give delegates the opportunity to reflect upon what they have learned, to develop their skills, and to explore any questions they have.

Roald Dahl: City of the Unexpected is directed by Nigel Jamieson (Director of the Sydney Olympics closing ceremony and one of the world’s leading practitioners of city-wide theatre) and co-produced by National Theatre Wales and Wales Millennium Centre. 

Nigel Jamieson says:

"Roald Dahl's imagination has touched the most extraordinary number of people around the world. For generations, he has been part of our bed times, our childhoods, and the development of our imaginations. It is thus fitting that the weekend celebrating his birth in Cardiff will involve one of the most ambitious mobilisations of a city's inhabitants ever attempted, together transforming it into a place that will unlock the child in everyone and create a city of wonder and surprise."

Find out more about City of the Unexpected on the Roald Dahl website. And watch this space to find out about the gloriumptious, phizz-whizzing, whoopsy whiffling celebrations we have in store for 13 September - the 100th anniversary of Roald Dahl!