Visitors experiencing White Night Melbourne
White Night Melbourne 2014, Melbourne, VIC; Credit: Tourism Australia / Time Out Australia

Applications are now closed.

We are inviting arts organisations and individuals to submit project proposals for inclusion in the UK/Australia Season.

Proposals should clearly align with the Season theme, the Season dates and locations. Projects should also have established partners and resource in place.

When can I apply?

There are separate applications depending on whether you are presenting work in the UK or Australia.  

Applications are now closed.

Will any grant funding be available?

Organisations applying for inclusion in the Season will have the opportunity to also apply for small grant support called the ‘UK/Australia Season Grant’. The grant support is generously donated by members of our board of patrons. 

Applications will be assessed by panels of industry experts and peers in each country. 

Why participate?

The Season affords a valuable point for the people of our nations to connect, build on our strong relationship, and to exchange cultural experiences.

  • Participating provides an opportunity for cultural organisations to be a part of a high-profile, bilateral conversation.
  • The Season will be well supported by an active marketing and communications campaign in both countries.
  • Support will be provided to build public engagement events in both countries.
  • Australia is the third-largest market for UK arts and culture after the USA and Europe, making it the perfect first step on the international circuit
  • The UK is a global centre for world-class arts and culture, making it a key international gateway for Australian artists and companies to be presented to British audiences and the rest of the world

More information on how to apply