Going Global

Miami Beach Convention Centre: 29 April - 1 May 2014

Going Global 2014 will see more than 1000 delegates, 250 speakers and over 50 exhibitors from across the higher and further education sectors meet in Miami Beach to examine the impact that internationalisation can have on the global education community. The conference consists of a series of sessions based around this year's themes of inclusion, innovation and impact, in the form of panel discussions, keynote plenaries, debates, town hall sessions and poster presentations. 

Going Global provides the opportunity for delegates to debate the drivers and motivations for international education, at both national and institutional level. They will consider how strategic approaches at both levels might integrate, and how they might support elements such as research, curriculum development, teaching, the student experience and staff development. The conference also provides great networking opportunities. 

Why should you attend?

• Grow your networks and connect with industry leaders.

• Challenge your thinking and be inspired to enhance the learning experience for your students. 

• Learn about innovations in international higher education

More information

Visit the Going Global conference website for more information about the programme, fees and instructions on how to register.