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Sounds Right

An interactive pronunciation chart to help you learn the sounds of English quickly and easily. It also features audio playback for phonemes and sample words using the sounds.

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Vince Polito

Early Career Research Fellow, Macquarie University

“Cracking the curious case of confused control”

Dr Vince Polito is an Early Career Research Fellow in the Department of Psychology at MacQuarie Univeristy in Sydney. Vince's work looks at the subjective experience of personal agency, i.e., the sense that our conscious intentions cause our actions.  Vince holds a PhD in Cognitive Science from Macquarie University.


ACCELERATE 13 Andrea Smith

Andrea James

Performing Arts, NSW

Andrea is Artistic Associate at Carriageworks in Redfern. She wrote and directed Yanagai! Yanagai!, a co-production with Playbox in 2004, which toured nationally and internationally. Recently she directed Bully Beef Stew at PACT Theatre, co-wrote Corranderk: We Will Show the Country , produced by La Mama and Ilbijerri Theatre. Her latest play Winyanboga Yurringa was presented at the Australian Playwriting Festival, Perth, 2013.  

Institute for Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship (ICCE)


ICCE delivers enterprise, cultural management and policy education to the creative and cultural sectors, and supports research in to new approaches to business and management in the Creative Economy. It delivers a range of academic programmes and presents activities to promote an environment in which creative and cultural entrepreneurship can flourish.


Johnny Grammar’s Word Challenge

Beat the clock and answer as many grammar and vocabulary questions as you can in 60 seconds! Hosted by quizmaster Johnny Grammar, this app features Beginner to Advanced level questions.

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Learning Time with Timmy

Children aged 6 years and younger can now play exciting games and listen to English words to learn about numbers, colours, shapes and food with Timmy and his friends. The app is developed by the British Council in collaboration with Aardman Animations, the creators of Shaun the Sheep and Timmy Time.

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Lucy Weaver


Smart polymers cleaning up salty wastewater

Water is important for all forms of life but it is a resource that is fast running out. Many industries use a lot of water in their daily operations but it is ending up as salty wastewater. To re-use this water, we must somehow remove the salt content. Traditionally, the methods of removing salt are very expensive and consume a lot of energy. Lucy is making a new material to help solve this problem, by using things called ‘stimuli-responsive polymers’.

Nick Roden

PhD Candidate, University of Tasmania and CSIRO

“Speeding towards an acidic ocean”

Nick Roden's work has seen him spend time in Antarctica, where he conducted research on ocean acidification, which refers to a decrease in the pH and dissolved carbonate ion concentration of seawater. Nick is currently a PhD Candidate with the CSIRO-UTAS PhD Program in Quantitative Marine Science.

ACCELERATE 12 Nicole Monks

Nicole Monks

Design/Visual Art, NSW

Nicole Monks was born close to her cultural homeland in WA, although she moved across the country to the North Coast. Nicole is a successful designer and artist, who sits on the Grants Committee for Boomali Aboriginal Arts Cooperative and the NSW Art Gallery Contempo committee. Nicole founded her own business in 2012, ‘blackandwhite creative’. While in the UK, Nicole spent time at Hetherwick, The Design Embassy, Studio Toogood, Tom Dixon, Studio Weave and Barbican Art Gallery.


Global Education Dialogue

Sophia Chan-Combrink

Deputy Director Education, East Asia, British Council