FameLab Australia

Australia's very first FameLab winner announced!

Dr Michael Smout, of James Cook University in Cairns Qld, took out the title at the FameLab Australia 2014 national final at the WA Maritime Museum on Tuesday 13 May. Michael's presentation of his work, assisted in part by a trusty teddy bear prop and a liver-approximating pillow, so impressed the panel of judges - Professor Lyn Beazley (former Chief Scientist of WA), Dr Ian Macleod (Executive Director of WA Museums Fremantle and Maritime Heritage), and Nick Marchand (Country Director, British Council) - that they chose Michael to represent Australia in the upcoming International FameLab competition at the Times Cheltenham Science Festival.

Michael was joined by fellow 'FameLabber', Timothy Brennan, of University of Queensland, whose work in sustainable jet fuel manufacturing scored him title of Runner-Up.

The national final event saw the 12 FameLab Australia finalists explain their research in dynamic three-minute presentations, which were entertaining and often fascinating. the 2014 finalists are:

James Makinson, The University of Sydney  |  Nick Roden, University of Tasmania and CSIRO  |  James Aridas, Monash University  | Prue Cormie, Edith Cowan University  |  Vince Polito, Macquarie University  |  Lydia Tong, University of Sydney  |  Francis Torres, University of Western Australia  |  Niraj Lal, Australian National University  |  Lisa Schafranek, SAHMRI  |  Tim Brennan, AIBN, University of Queensland  |  Linden Servinis, Deakin University 

Click here for photos of our FameLab final event.

And we'll see you right here for details of 2015's FameLab Australia competition.

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