Before you apply please make sure you are eligible to take part in this competition!

Applications for the 2017 competition are now OPEN!

To enter, you must first identify an area of interest to you in your research that you think might work as an engaging presentation. This topic should be the subject of your online application and the presentation you’ll give at the semi-finals, if you are selected to proceed to that stage.

Next, you should submit an online registration form by Friday 24 February 2017. In your application, you’ll be asked to provide a link to a short video, which will show you pitching your research topic in an interesting and compelling way.

We will contact you by email to confirm the receipt of your application and inform you of the next steps.

Semi-finals will take place in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth during March and April 2017. If you are selected to take part in a national semi-final event, you will attend the semi-final closest to you and present your scientific topic to our panel of judges! (Don't forget to invitе your friends and family to come and watch and support you!).

Video presentations

In your application, you’ll be asked to provide a link to a three minute video, pitching the research topic you think is the most compelling.

In your video, you may convey your ideas using small props, song, dance… anything you think might help to get your message across in an engaging way! BUT you must NOT use slides or PowerPoint displays. You should also try to keep jargon to a minimum – an audience of non-scientists should be able to understand what you’re saying without having to hit the books first!

PLEASE NOTE: Don’t worry too much about having a polished ‘performance’ in your video. We really just want to meet you and to see how passionate you are about science. Don’t stress, either, about the recording quality of your video – clips filmed in natural light on a smartphone or iPad are fine.


There will be four semi-finals in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia in March and April 2017.

Semi-final 1: Brisbane, QLD - Wed 22 March 2017

Semi-final 2: Melbourne, VIC - Thurs 30 March 2017

Semi-final 3: Sydney, NSW - Wed 5 April 2017

Semi-final 4: Fremantle, WA - Wed 12 April 2017

National final

If you are successful at the semi-finals, you will be invited to attend the national final in Perth, WA.

Here, you will be asked to give second presentation, which can be based on the same research but must be sufficiently different to your first presentation. You will also undertake intensive presentation training with our visiting UK FameLab International trainer to help you develop invaluable media and presentation skills. You will be given details about this if you selected to go through to the national final.

The 2017 national final will be held at Western Australian Maritime Museum on Thursday 4 May.